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  • International Cooperation
  • The college serves the national "The Belt and Road" initiative, promotes China's high-quality higher vocational resources to "Going out", and vigorously promotes the internationalization strategy.  The college introduced high-quality educational resources from abroad actively, and started the China-foreign cooperatively run project with British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada in 2007, which was awarded as a model China-foreign cooperatively run project in Zhejiang Province for two consecutive times. The college established the Yalong International Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, involved in establishing the China-ASEAN Vocational Education Union, actively accompanied the enterprises’ "Going out" strategy, and built Cambodia Wenzhou Polytechnic Yalong Silk Road College. It is the national first higher vocational college building overseas campus in Cambodia in cooperation with Chinese enterprise. The college gives full play to the role of overseas Chinese and leaders from Wenzhou, and serves Wenzhou people all over the world. The Italian Training Center of Wenzhou Polytechnic was founded to serve for the local industrial construction of Chinese enterprises in Italy. We aim to expand the vocational education cooperation with the countries along the route of "The Belt and Road", become the national first batch of higher vocational colleges to provide teacher training for South African government, and the first batch of higher vocational colleges to cooperate with the South African government in training their students in Zhejiang Province.

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