Do You Create Terrific Content That Nobody Reads?

Daniel Yonts

Content Marketing that gets noticed

You've spent countless hours to create engaging content. You've posted it on your blog, promoted it through social media and optimized for search. Yet, it only reaches a handful of people within your target audience. The time spent is wasted because your efforts are ignored.

You're not alone. Your competitors were convinced that well crafted content would result in traffic and conversions as well. They, too, are waiting for Google, LinkedIn or facebook to bless them with the right people to read their content. Yet, the Internet gods only reward them with a small group of disinterested visitors with high bounce rates.

The problem with Content Marketing isn't the content, it's the lack of marketing. Great content requires more than the goodwill of social media or the charity of search engines. It deserves aggressive and meaningful engagement with its intended audience. It demands a holistic approach that seeks to realize the business goals that prompted its creation. Otherwise, great content is merely a vanity that only speaks to its creator.

Give your content the visibility and attention it deserves. Great content shouldn't be anonymous. Contact me at to get started.

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