Strategic Learning

Seen2 offers real-world training in digital marketing and e-commerce. Training is focused on business outcomes. Participants develop assets that can be applied to their business. They see real results acquired through engaging real consumers. Working with digital leaders, clients gain practical knowledge of digital business concepts, strategies and tactics.

e-Business Courses

Course NamePriceDurationNext StartEnroll
Digital Retail Training$2,5006 WeeksTuesday, November 8thEnroll
Digital Marketing Training$1,5006 WeeksTuesday, November 8thEnroll
Digital Business Essentials$7501 WeekWednesday, November 9thEnroll
e-Commerce Technology$7501 WeekWednesday, November 9thEnroll
Digital Marketing Essentials$7501 WeekWednesday, November 9thEnroll
Digital Product Management$1,2501 WeekWednesday, November 9thEnroll
e-Commerce Management$1,2501 WeekWednesday, November 9thEnroll
Pay-Per-Click Advertising$1,5004 WeeksWednesday, November 9thEnroll
Search Engine Marketing$1,5004 WeeksWednesday, November 9thEnroll
Display Advertising Training$1,5004 WeeksWednesday, November 9thEnroll
Conversion Optimization Training$1,5004 WeeksWednesday, November 9thEnroll

Learn from Digital Leaders

Build a roadmap for online success with the help of e-Business leaders. Our instructors have a track-record of digital success. We've led the marketing and technology efforts of Top 500 e-retailers, manufacturers, media outlets, ad agencies and start-ups. We know how to build, scale and manage online success.